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What do you do in the winter?

by bbeachner on Tuesday, September 1, 2009 10:28 PM

We paint interiors. Our name is Sunny Days Painting, its a fun name and upbeat like I am, but I have found over the years that many people think that it means we only paint exteriors. Truth be told that over the course of the year we do more interior painting in Rochester, NY than exterior. We made a name for ourselves painting older homes and we are recognized by the Landmark Society for our quality and attention to detail. It was The interior painting as well as the exterior restorations that got us that recognition.

Historic homes on the registry or newer homes that need that level of detail, we have the tools to make your home look beautiful, inside or out!

When the fall winds start cooling us down to get ready for the coming snow, think sunny thoughts, call Sunny Days Painting to brighten up your home this winter, yes we paint in the winter!

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